Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Day 2 - Light in the Darkness

Read: John 1:4-5; Genesis 1:3; 1:27-31; 2:15-17 & 3:1-19

As a boy, I remember hearing my great-grandfather talk about life before electricity. Kerosene lanterns and candles were essential. People would wake long before dawn so they could make use of every minute of daylight, and everything ended before sunset so people could get safely home.

We live in a very different world today. The availability of electricity and the light it produces is taken for granted. We no longer fear the dark because we are seldom faced with it. Flip a switch and darkness flees. Flood the streets with lights and there is no reason to go home early. We don't value the light of day because we can easily make our own. That is until a storm comes and the power goes out. Then we are confronted with the reality of darkness and our powerlessness against it. Suddenly, we fear the darkness and the dark intent of those who lurk within it.

After the creation of the heavens and the earth, God’s first order of business was to turn the lights on. He dispelled the darkness by creating light even before creating the sun. The first words the Bible records from God are, “Let there be light.” (Genesis. 1:3) John picks up on this in the opening of his gospel account. After referring to Jesus as the “Word” of God, he says that in this Word was the “Light” of all humankind. The Word and the Light are the same: Jesus Christ.

The world without Jesus is a dark place. Jesus came into the darkness of our world, but more importantly, into the darkness of our hearts. Not even an electric light can illuminate the dark heart of humanity, and so we follow the example of Adam. We try to hide from God to avoid exposure to His Light. We do not want our darkness revealed to others, to ourselves and especially not to God. But Jesus came to meet us in our darkness and offer us His light.

After the fall in Genesis 3, creation was once again plunged into darkness. This darkness, while spiritual in nature, appeared to overcome God’s light. John now offers us a glimpse of a new creation account. God has again sent light into the world. This Light will not be overcome by the darkness of sin. This Light is life for all those who have been lost in the darkness.

Light of the World, 

Shine your light on my heart. Dispel any darkness in me and help me to walk in your light as You are the Light. As your light shines through me, use me as a lantern in a dark world to lead others to the source of Light.

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